Allied Telesis Discovery


I have problem with AlliedTelesis Discovery.

When i try to discover same devices (AT-8000S), one appears as 8000S with Radlan OS and one appears as blank with AlliedWare OS

It’s exactly the same switch, with same version of firmware.

This is a bug ?

Thanks for your help


First issue I see is System Object ID. If they are the same switch with same firmware, it should be same but they report different ones.

Check and

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From where did you got that info? (the screenshot of the first post)

What is the correct OS? Radlan or Allied Telesis?

The first sceenshot it’s allied telesis CLI

The correct OS is Radlan.

Some 8000S use the correct Mibs

The issue here is the sysObjectID reported by the switch.

I’m not familiar with AT/Radlan devices but if they report different sysObjectIDs means they are different hardware. Even when “its not”.

Try adding:

- .

To the list of sysObjects in your radlan.yaml file and rediscover that device (./discovery.php -h hostname)

os: radlan
text: Radlan
ifname: true
type: network
icon: alliedtelesis
group: alliedtelesis
- { graph: device_bits, text: ‘Device Traffic’ }
- { graph: device_processor, text: ‘CPU Usage’ }
- sysDescr:
- AT-8000
- sysObjectID:
- .
- .
- .
- .
- radlan

Radlan.yml already have this sysObjects
But when i discover, he seems to use allied.yml

  • . is not in radlan.yml but librenms see this as Radlan

My fault :joy:

In the allied.yaml, add - . to sysObjectID_except:

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Perfect :+1:

Thanks TheGreatDoc

As an FYI:

The reason some low-end older Allied Telesis products such as the 8000S appear as Radlan OS is because the switch is a rebranded Marvell Switch. Marvell purchased Radlan back in 2003

I had some issues when cleaning up the Allied Telesis support in PR7670 and didn’t have access to all of the older products to determine just what the Sys ObjectID was for each one.

Have made PR9454 so this works out of the box for



Hello Mattie

Thanks for the PR but can you add


It’s for 8000S and 8000GS
This OID is seen as allied but it’s radlan