Alpha Cordex HP DC Power

Hello sorry new here, hopefully I got everything, but I am looking to get support added for the Alpha Cordex HP dc power plants with Cordex CXCM1 controller. These come up as just a Generic Device when adding them to librenms. We have been getting more and more of these devices so it would be nice to be able to monitor them. Things like power input, output, temperature, estimated battery runtime, load %, battery status for example.

snmpwalk -

MIB’s -

I would appreciate it if someone would be able to take this on to add support to librenms. Thank you.

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So I did another snmpwalk but this time from a linux machine instead of windows and I think I got some way more useful info when I compare the walks…


We have several Alpha/Cordex CXCF controllers, with canbus connected inverters. I’ll investigate what’s involved in getting these added in to libre. If you or anyone else has done any work on this, please let me know.

Hi I have not really made it anywhere with this. I was playing around a little bit trying to see if I could get things to work but ya never got it working. But ya if you get something put together I can always test it out. We don’t have any inverters in our case so I can’t test that part… Thanks

Hi @whitehse
Feel free to ask questions here or in Discord if you are stuck somewhere on your path. And as soon as you have code (or YAML file for discovery), open a pull-request in Github so we can review and help you more on this.