AND OR Rule Not Working


I am trying to create a rule for memory usage. I have created a rule and it is working, but i want to exclude some devices as they are configured to use all memory (Freenas).

I have created the below rule but both devices still alert.

I can get it to work when excluding only one device, but as soon as i add more that one it doesn’t work.

Can anyone give me some pointers on why it isn’t working

Oliver Knights

I might be wrong, but i think if you are doing it that way, then you would have to “add rule” for each device.hostname you want to exclude and not have them under the same rule.

It is probably easier putting the devices you want to exclude into a device group and just excluding that group. Or creating a group to apply this alert to, and use “Map to” device group.


Adding them like this seems to work

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To be fair you just wanted AND not OR in the original post if you don’t want either hostname to be included in the results.