Any way to debug email?

I’ve got a running LibreNMS on Debian Jessie. Everything is working alright, except I cannot send any email.

Tested all the ways that could be configured, without any success

  • mail - the server does not receive any connection
  • sendmail - the process is never launched
  • smtp - the server does not receive any connection
  • " Tests transport" is useless, whatever is configured

I have a postfix server running on this server, which works perfectly. Unfortunately, no configuration option did trigger any connection on port 25 or 587 (tested both, clear & TLS)

More disturbing, I get absolutely no log. So, is it any way to debug the mail process ? I’ve spent hours for no result, until now.

  • librenms is the current one (Dec 29th 2016)
  • config is not relevant (tested all the ways - no traffic on SMTP(S) port / or sendmail)

We update phpmailer recently but I don’t think it’s broke things like this, I tested sendmail implementation and it worked on the new version so I’m going to guess this might be a local issue.

When you click test transport does the box go green or red (we require a default mail contact for this to work)? If it’s green then everything is good from our perspective and I’d investigate the sendmail or smtp service you might be using.

If you’ve got rules setup and they’ve triggered then this is logged in eventlog so take a look.

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