Apache application not working after varnish install


I just installed varnish to improve performance.
Everything is working fine except the apache application.

When performing “./apache-stats.py” in CLI it says “Failed connect to localhost:80; Connection refused” which makes sense to me as I changed the port of apache to 8080.

But where to change it for the apache script?

Thanks for your help!

It doesn’t look like that script has an easy variable to change port. But I think the what you want is here…

So maybe try changing the line…

data = urlread ( 'http://localhost/server-status?auto',


data = urlread ( 'http://localhost:8080/server-status?auto',


Thank you very much man!
That did the trick.

And I suppose that it won’t influence the auto-update of LibreNMS?

Generally only changes to files in /opt/librenms cause auto-update issues. Since these agents get downloaded to the snmp or check_mk agent directories this should be safe.