APC UPS - Warning when current date is passed recommended replace date


We have a couple of APC UPS systems in our network. We use SNMP and LibreNMS to check their status. The OID upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator ( works perfect.

However there is also a recommended date for battery replacement. This is called upsAdvBatteryRecommendedReplaceDate ( The outputs is a recommended date to replace the battery.

See output of a snmpwalk both OID’s:

$ snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 2c
iso. = INTEGER: 1

$ snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 2c
iso. = STRING: "10/18/2018"

Can the upsAdvBatteryReplaceIndicator be added to the check for APC UPS systems? We missed a couple of battery replacements. Would be great if LibreNMS can notify us when a battery needs replacing.

See also following topic that I created on the the Schneider Electric forum about this:

If testing or more info is needed please let me know!


The above OID ( is for upsBasicBatteryLastReplaceDate.

the output for upsAdvBatteryRecommendedReplaceDate is as follows:

$ snmpwalk -Os -c public -v 2c
iso. = STRING: "05/03/2024"```

If anybody was wondering if this is supported… It was merged a couple months ago and has been working great for us :slight_smile:

Thank at Jellyfrog!