API alert transports are not working at some point

This is the current status of ./validate.php.


API Alert doesn’t work at some point.

This is my API Alert transports setting

I can see that it was sent well in the log

Email alert transports works well with the same alert rule.

Is there an issue with the current version?

I confirmed that @if, @foreach Syntax is not working.

The default template does not work either.

That topic was in discord few days ago.

Instead in body: try to put that in Options: one line for each:

[email protected]
content={{ $msg }}

I tested it in more detail and knew exactly how it didn’t work.

It did not work when arithmetical operation in alert template was used as in the example below.

Inbound Utilization: {{ (($value[‘ifInOctets_rate’]*8)/$value[‘ifSpeed’])*100 }}
Outbound Utilization: {{ (($value[‘ifOutOctets_rate’]*8)/$value[‘ifSpeed’])*100 }}

Thank you for reply

one line for each >> Everything doesn’t work out

Sorry then, must be other thing that was begin discussed in discord and I mixed it up :frowning:

Is there anybody with a solution? We have the same problem that the API transport suddenly stopped working and the test is all green.

My workaround might help. Try checking this out:

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