API Get Alerts "open" : "0"

When we run the API to get alerts what does the “open” mean? The number keeps changing from 0 to 1 but the device is still down. We are pulling these alerts to show outages on alert board and they are not consistent. The example below shows one device with alerts for being rebooted with fill snmp, the other is a device that has no snmp with a services icmp that is down using the nagios plugin. if on our board we don’t filter out the open = 1 only we will get devices that snmp info cannot get pulled. Any recomendations?

curl -H ‘X-Auth-Token: XXXXXX’ https://XXXXXX/api/v0/alerts?state=1
“status”: “ok”,
“err-msg”: “”,
“count”: 2,
“alerts”: [
“hostname”: “coh-dc01”,
“id”: “405”,
“device_id”: “33”,
“rule_id”: “2”,
“state”: “1”,
“alerted”: “0”,
“open”: “1”,
“timestamp”: “2017-05-11 10:43:50”,
“severity”: “warning”
“hostname”: “ph-coh-feedvilleroad-77.91”,
“id”: “8”,
“device_id”: “2”,
“rule_id”: “9”,
“state”: “1”,
“alerted”: “0”,
“open”: “0”,
“timestamp”: “2017-05-11 12:07:02”,
“severity”: “critical”

Open means the alert is current and should be sending alerts.