API help : Create API to access a remote server and retrieve modem statistics to graph


I need to create APIs to access a remote server and retrieve VSAT terminal statistics (Rx signal, Tx signal, traffic… etc) and graph them in LibreNMS.
I am a total beginner with API, and O would like some guidelines:
As far as I know, the remote server requires JSON format requests and will return JSON format responses.

  • can LibreNMS send those requests to a remote server ?
  • can LibreNMS store the retrieved data in the form of Graphs ?

Are there some sample API JSON requests to remote servers that I can perhaps take a look at and try to figure out how to build my APIs ?

Many thanks in advance

It is possible, but there is no infrastructure for it so you would need to code it from the ground up. And you would need to take care with credentials.

Thank you Murrant.
I will try to find a way. I am not a developer myself, so I will have to fiddle with it :wink:

Hi @kalamchi75
You should probably have a look at the code for Applications. This would show you how data can be fed into LibreNMS from other sources.