API Issue - Not base URL when I try to acess to any graph (404 not found)

Hi All,

Since a few days ago, I am facing the following issue in my Librenms setup. When I try to access to any device through the API, I have no problems and all it is correct:

http://hostname/device/900 where 900 is the id.

However, once I try to access to any interface to check its graphs or any other information:

I receive the 404 not found error because I have the following issue in url:


Anyone have coped with this issue before, it seems that the http://hostname is added twice during the redirection. Can be related with any of the updates of previuos dates?

This is my validate.php, it seems all is correct.

I can print more screenshots if you need it. I look forward to any anser, I will appreciate it.


Make sure you have correctly setup Specific URL in Global Settings -> System -> Server and it ends with /


I have checked and I could fix the issue. My specific URL didn’t end with / , so I added and it works fine.

Many thanks for the answer.