Api url regex format invalid

Hi all. I am trying to add a url that contains digit at the end. The API url transport field is not accepting it. The error message is The api-url format is invalid. Any help would be appreciated with regards to which file contains the regex validation to edit or any other solution. Attaching a pic for reference. It takes IP address well and i’m doubtful of whether it will accept port also. Eg. stg-libre002.abcd.vb2:5000/api

It’s because you cannot have a number in your domain extention “vb2”

You could try either IP address or a different domain extension, e.g

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Then I guess, I’ll have to go with Ip address. Also I am not getting any data when alert is triggered. getting only headers nothing else. Can anybody help with the exact step by step process of collecting data from API Transport.

API Transport is being rewritten, PR is submitted and should be into next LibreNMS release. Unless you have an urgent use of it, I would suggest to wait until the new version comes in.

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Hi @girishenoy95
New Transport API is now merged into master. If you can test it, I would be happy to get your feedback.