Appears almost all the time "We have some files that are owned by a different user than librenms"

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    I don’t know how to explain to reproduce this issue.
    I have been having this problem for a while now, every time that run validate to the system, it always shows me to run the sudo chown -R … commands, I do that, and then the next day the same [FAIL] appears again.
    I have the system to automatically update, I keep running suudo chown -R librenms…etc , but still, after a while when I run validate again, it shows the same.

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I get the same, after every run of then ./validate.php then fixing them then ./validate.php again.

Mostly likely it’s because you are running those commands as root. You need to run them with librenms user.

That sounded reasonable, but after manually running as the librenms user, then validate.php as root, i got the same errors.

See this thread probably same cause

Better to fix the problem at source, by refining the check, than to add a compensatory workaround

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So unfortunately, this is an issue.
I don’t understand how other people haven’t said anything about this, because my installation of librenms is by the book, I haven’t changed too much in the config, and even when I ran all the commands again with librenms username (I had to put it first on the sudoers), still the error appears.