Application discovery not working

Dear Community members,
I have had problems setting up application discovery in librenms, i have enabled apache for the remote server, all other things, stats, alerts are coming through for this host but the discovery for apache doesn’t give me anything, I have waited long after i enabled the application discovery but apache server stats doesn’t show up. Am i missing something?

Any help would be truely appreciated…


Run (as librenms user) ./discovery.php -d -h HOST_ID -m applications and check the output.

./discovery.php 2020-07-14 06:53:23 - 1 devices discovered in 5.06 6 secs
SNMP [32/2.87s]: Get[29/1.29s] Getnext[0/0.00s] Walk[3/1.58s]
MySQL [7/0.20s]: Cell[1/0.00s] Row[-1/-0.00s] Rows[2/0.00s] Column[0/0.00s] Upda te[2/0.01s] Insert[2/0.16s] Delete[1/0.02s]
RRD [0/0.00s]:

I got this…