Applying default values of snmp config (community, username/auth/enc) from the main config to new or existing host

Somehow, I don’t think this has ever worked for me…

For the times since I started with LibreNMS, I had the default values for snmp (v1/2c) defined in the main config. Yet while adding a new host, it would never work to be detected upon adding one, unless I actually inserted the appropriate snmp community strings into EACH host’s SNMP configuration manually (I had these configured, as in, added to a set of community strings in the config) (I remember there being a time when this had to be edited in text in config.php and so I did it that way then) . But never mind that, as this setup is about to be changed.

Now I’m transitioning to using snmpv3, and I have already added the default snmpv3 credentials to the main librenms config (through the Main Config edit page).

Yet, when I am trying to change the snmp access mode, these don’t seem to be taking part, or even being filled in the appropriate fields on hosts’ SNMP config tab.

This kinda worries me - because in case the credentials need to be changed ever (again), i will have to go round all the hosts again and update them by hand…?

Or am I missing the existence of some toggle that does show the pre-configured values as options to choose?

(I’m using LibreNMS since about 2020 or so, current version in production is 23.11.0-13-g7630983b5 - Thu Nov 30 2023 17:54:50 GMT+0000, update channel : daily)

Hope this question makes sense.

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