Are there any built in alerts right off the box that you dont have to create?


I am pretty new to LibreNMS and just starting to learn it.
My question is do you have to create an alert rule for the alerts that you want? Or are there types of alerts that will work right off the box without even creating any specific rule (e.g. device unreachable, etc)

Yes look in the alerts collection image

Also, if you have no alerts defined, there is a create default alerts button.


Yes I know about the alert collection but my question is will I receive alerts for these events even if i dont explicitly define any alert rules? Or do you need to define rules to actually get alerts - no built in alert rules running in background

I dont understand your question? The alerts will trigger in the web ui if you add them in.

By default there are no alerts. You will not receive any alerts. If you add alert rules and have your alert transport(s) configured correctly, you will receive alerts when triggered.

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Does this mean that if I don’t create an alert for fan failure/non ok state (as an example), I will not see any alerts for them in the dashboard if there is some kind of failure.