Aruba Instant state sensor alert for disabled radio



I’ve just disabled some 2.4GHz radios on Aruba Instant APs, with the use of the dot11g-radio-disable command on each APs. That worked fine, but I then started to have an alert in regards to State Sensor Warning on the virtual controller that is monitored.

When looking at the details, it does show that the state of that given AP’s radio 0 is down. So that’s “expected”, after disabling it, but not sure if it’s a different state than when it’s not voluntarily down. When I edit the virtual controller device, I can remove all of the alerts for that radio (utilization, power, etc), but not the one for its state. Is there somewhere else that I could fully disable that sensor? Or is the only way to acknowledge until clear? It creates false “noise” when looking at the list of alerts, so would be nice not to see it there, if possible.




I have submitted a fix for this.


Wow, thanks for the quick turnaround! I’ll definitely test this out ASAP


Thanks again, applied the patch and got the up alert.

Just in case, yes, the state of the sensor is still marked as down.