ASA Firewall memory


We have some ASA firewalls monitored by librenms showing bad memory values, or at least, not the main memory values.

Screenshots show memory graphs taken from librenms and another one taken from asdm. It shows very diferent numbers. In fact this ASA 5585-X comes with 6Gb of memory, but memory pools on librenms refers only to 3 pools that has no relation with those 6Gb ram.

Is this an error? Or there is something to do to see that main memory values?

this popped up because of alert rule that was supposed to trigger at over 60% memory usage when tha fact is that the system memory is les than 50% of use.

Posting just one image at a time :frowning:

The second screenshot:

In the oveview memory usage say?

It says nothing.


It seems that there are version issues.

Screenshots were taken from a Cisco ASA 9.4(4)5 .

But we have another one with Cisco ASA 9.1(6)10 showing correct values.


Seems like a firmware bug.

I have the same firewall monitored also with Cacti, making requests to the same oid (. free mem and . used mem).
It shows correct values.