Authentication filed for EOS device

Hi guys , very strange im seeing this message when doing debug:

Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed with msg "Authentication failed for user [email protected]"

Seems that ssh agent can not connect to get the configuration.
I already tryed ssh into switch from OS and from container and it is ok.
Also tryed change the user from my group definition to check if it was matching ok , and confirmed.
Dont know what else to try.

BTW , oxidized is working ok for my routeros OS.

Other question, if can not get the config , I would like to avoid pooling , how can I ignore unknown OS ? (default group) on librenms config.php ?

I have this in my config

    username: ****
    password: ****
      auth_methods: [ "publickey", "keyboard-interactive" ]

yes !! it worked.
btw , lnms does not recognize eos as operative sistem , I have to trate those as “default group” do you have same problem ?
There are my config lines:
$config[‘oxidized’][‘enabled’] = TRUE;
$config[‘oxidized’][‘url’] = ‘’;
$config[‘oxidized’][‘features’][‘versioning’] = true;
$config[‘oxidized’][‘group_support’] = true;
$config[‘oxidized’][‘default_group’] = ‘default’;
$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘eos’, ‘group’ => ‘my_eos’); #not working
$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘routeros’, ‘group’ => ‘my_ros’);
$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘os’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘vrp’, ‘group’ => ‘my_vrp’);
$config[‘oxidized’][‘ignore_os’] = array(‘proxmox’,‘ping’,‘tplink’,‘smartax’,‘apc’,‘swos’,‘linux’,‘netonix’,‘edgeswitch’);


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