Author / commit message support for Oxidized


I have a small question. I’m currently testing LibreNMS and one of the things I tested was making backups using syslog hooks, Oxidized and git. Everything seems to be working including the version history.

I was just wondering if it’s possible to display the author in LibreNMS? Or if that’s not possible the commit message? I’m able to enter this data in the git log using syslog-notify-oxidized.php. And using git I’m able to see who made which changes. But can’t find any options on how to display the data in LibreNMS.

Hi Switchy_root,

I am actually working on a change that would exactly do this:

The PullRequest should be posted after tests in a few days.

Thanks for the commit. Rolling out in production right now and it’s looking good, though it would be nice to see the author in the dropdown list. But thanks for the work!