Automatic Device Discovery on Network not working

i want Devices to be discovered automatically on Network, but it seems not working.

My Configuration:
Global Settings - Discovery - Networks - Autodiscovery Networks: (Network in which Autodiscovery has to be done)
Global Settings - Poller - SNMP: (added two valid SNMPv3 Configuration from Devices to be discovered)

My Expectation is, devices to be added automatically on scanning Network(s) for new Devices with matching one of the SNMO Configuration.

Did i forget something to configure, so Device Detection works?

thanks in advanced

i found out, seems not to be running automatically.

On running it by hand Devices will be discovered.

Has someone an idea how to enable to be running automatically?
Is there an option or something i have to set to true?

To run automatically , you can try adding below cron job to /etc/cron.d/librenms

0 1 * * * librenms /opt/librenms/

this will run the scan every morning 1 AM

Also note that we should not run scan too often, as it takes more resources

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