Availability-Map icons all together

Hi all.

Has anyone come across this on the Availability-Map dashboard?

I’ve tried changing the sizes to see if I can change its sizes, but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. They are all squished together.



Looks like you change the availability map settings in the Web UI under Global Settings -> WebUI Settings -> Availability map settings.

This will happen when you turn on “Availability map compact view”

Ahhh… thank you! That fixes it for me.

Is there a way to get it to sort so the warning’s and downs are at the top of the list?

I had the “Sort device by status” set to Yes, but it seems that the down items are at the bottom.

Give it a second to refresh

Is there any specific reason why the alert sort won’t put the DOWN’s at the top, then put the Warnings 2nd, then the UP’s last?

Should I put in a feature request for this?

That’s a good question… When you Enable sort by status did give it at least 5-10 min to refresh the map?


Yeah, I have waited about 20 minutes and it is showing at the bottom of my list. These are Nagios services by the way - might that by why?


Incidently, I’m trying to get the Nagios RBL checker to not show down when it comes back as OK when I run it manually, but that’s another problem. :slight_smile:

Yeah, mine shows the same way fo Nagios services… I guess you can throw a post in a feature request to see about possibly getting that changed, Unless know coding and can submit a pull request in git hub.

I wish I did know how to code. There are a lot of things I’d like to see in the Settings UI so we don’t have to code them into the config.php. :slight_smile: Thanks for the 2nd pair of eyes.

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