Availability Map Order By Status But Not Warning?

Hi everyone

I have 2 Availability Map widgets, one for all devices, one for a specific device group ordered by status. I didn’t think it was working as the green and orange host boxes are all mixed together and appear to be sorted by display name rather than status.

However, when one device went down it was shown first, so it seems that it sorts devices by down status first but then doesn’t order warning (rebooted within 24 hours) next, they’re just mixed in with those that are green and ordered by display name. Nor does it allow you to only show critical and warning hosts.

Is it possible to sort by critical then warning status first or show only warning/critical devices or would I have to code these myself? I’m not much of a dev.

Likewise, the Device Summary widget doesn’t allow you to filter by device groups, is this something I’d have to add myself?

To my knowledge there is no sorting for Yellow (Warning based on uptime) that I’ve seen but an option to enable sorting of yellow and not I would love to see this option. Just needs to be a tick box to enable or disable this in the Web UI > Dashboard settings.

I’ve personally found the Dashboard widgets to be lacking in functionality and would love to see more customisable options in this area.

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