Backing up LibreNMS

Hi Guys,

Now that I have successfully manually created my LibreNMS instance on Centos8 I am happily enjoying the software. I now find myself turning my attention to firstly tracking my changes to protect my configurations. Would this be where you use a CD/CI? Further to change control I am also thinking of backup. Would you automate the copying of your important folders (/opt/librenms) or do you prefer to make your Linux instance a VM and use snapshots or something like Veeam?

I’ve tried both methods in the past and I stayed with VM backups. We tested the consistency of the VM after restores and so far everything just works fine. This way someone doesn’t have to go into the VM itself and run scripts to restore.

We use avamar, so process is similar to how Veeam would handle it. I just recommend you test your restores. Good luck

Thanks for reply, really appreciate your feedback. I have installed to a VM also so should be fine.

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