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Hello community I hope you are well, you can help me I need to make or automate the backup copies of my network equipment through librenms, download the version shown on the page that includes oxide, however I do not know the steps to follow after montra the ISO, can you help me or you can send me a manual.

Thanks a lot.

Once you have LibreNMS running follow the instructions here to configure oxidized. LibreNMS itself does not backup switch configs, Oxidized does en integrates nicely with LibreNMS.

Hello, following the manuals at the time of executing oxide I get the following error

I, [2020-11-11T17:28:30.080174 #21698] INFO – : Oxidized starting, running as pid 21698
I, [2020-11-11T17:28:30.246929 #21698] INFO – : lib/oxidized/nodes.rb: Loading nodes
F, [2020-11-11T17:28:30.408087 #21698] FATAL – : Oxidized crashed, crashfile written in /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crash
Failed to open TCP connection to librenms:80 (getaddrinfo: Name or service not known)

The configuration of the oxide config is as follows


seem like that doesn’t resolve.

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Hello, I followed your instructions, but I got another error, do you know what the problem is or do I make another post?

"β€œF, [2020-11-13T19:28:39.700196 #19135] FATAL – : Oxidized crashed, crashfile written in /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crash
csv not found for node ::1"”