Bad Polls Graphed

Im having an issue where randomly a poll fails to gather data for some variables and graphs them. This is causing my graphs to scale out and for us to make some work arounds for alerting. How do i stop a failed poll from logging that data.

The code would need to be updated (on a per-module basis) to recognize the situation, abort (and probably log an event).

If it is a partial snmp response, those are harder to detect.

Most code in LibreNMS uses the legacy snmp_* functions which have no capability to detect partial snmp requests.

SnmpQuery is the new code and can detect partial responses.

For example:

$response = SnmpQuery::walk('IF-MIB::ifName');
if (! $response->isValid()) {
    // ABORT!

Sorry im very new to this. But it sounds like ill need to go into the “Sensor” module in this case since it pulling a generic voltage sensor and add in the SnmpQuery code. Where is that located, I’m not seeing documentation for those modules.

If you want to be able to make that change, you should probably make other changes first to make yourself more familiar with LibreNMS internals. Mostly the code is the documentation for a lot of the internals.

Find something that is wrong and try to fix it.

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