Bandwidth alarm alert rules

Help, currently I want to do an alarm alert, for example, a certain port of a switch bandwidth exceeds 37M, automatically send an alarm alert, I use ports.ifOutOctets_rate, but I do not know how 37M should be converted to a valid value, help everyone to help solve!

In the alarms rules, there is a rule collection (top left). Look for “Port usage over threshold”, there is an example that works for me, it works in percentage unfortunately.
But if it can help you :slight_smile:

I have similar alert in LibreNMS. With us it is less than 50 mbit consumption on a certain port. You can use an online tool for the conversion, I used Convert Byte (octet) to Megabit [mebibit] (Mbit [Mibit]), Data Storage And Transmission for this.

For you, 37mbit would correspond to 4849664 octets.

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