Bandwidth Monitoring per IP

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I have a question, is it possible to know the amount of bandwidth transferred from an ethernet port to an IP ?

If not, is there a way to accomplish that ?

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You need to use netflow to accomplish this (or similar). It’s not something LibreNMS can do.

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I am using netflow on the routers and its creating flows, can it is possible for libre to draw the graphs ?
means any possibility of netflow in LibreNMS ?
I haven’t been able to configure NFsen properly … Please correct me if i am wrong. LibreNMS will only show graphs if NFsen is showing graphs, and my understanding is, that when NFsen can draw a graph, Libre will be able to get that graphs from NFsen and display in Libre.
Am i right ?

That is correct yes, we have some limited docs on the setup of this. I’d suggest taking a look at github issues, here and the old google groups to see if you can glean any info on how to get it working.

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please do me a favor, can you please tell me where will it show those graphs in LibreNMS ? i havent seen any screenshots of that.

It will be a new tab in the device page