Bandwith display problems with Enterasys Switches

Hi im new to librenms :clap: and im having some issues with an Enterasys Securestack C5 48P2 switch (or switches they are stacked). the 1GB ports are just showing 125Mbs tops even if stress the interface with a determined traffic over that range anything else on this device seems like is working but that. Im using SNMP v2c at the moment and i want to nail it as this is the only thing stoping me to implement it.

Sounds like the devices are returning 32bit counters. Try turning on selected port polling for this device.

how can i do that?

It’s in our docs, have a search :slight_smile:

i did and found it selected port polling is enable and im monitoring just 1 port of the switch (Uplink one) still have the issue

Run a re-discovery then wait 15 minutes.

re-discovered wait 30 minutes " same results" nothing change

I didnt find this device under the supported ones maybe is missing the correct MIB ?

Does it show up as generic?

yes it shows as generic… also checking the real time the traffic is more than the one displayed on the graphic

if the device shows up as Generic then support needs to be added or issue with discovery.

pastbin output of discovery.php -HOSTNAME -d

thanks i run the script but at the end it ask me for the MIB file or url i got the mibs and i can provide the link to download it but i dont know wich mib to choose as there are a lot of files on the folder the manufacturer provide …

ok guys i give the system an update and now it recognize the device as an enterasys device but i notice that is no reading well the traffic other than that at the moment the cpu, memory, and storage seems to be accurate. Exploring into the MIB files i found that the enterasys supported device that i “asume” is thinking it is an old Cabletron product from enterasys.

I have Enterasys B5 switches which are fairly similar and have had no problems. So at the moment you have no interface graphs?

yes i got the graph but the results of the graph are not accurate for a wired reason

Can you post a screenshot?

sorry guys i have been very busy lately and i couldnt replay, dont you guys worry i did manage to make it work after i fix an issue that i had with updates the info start to work accurately. and sorry to ask but i got another issue with another device should i open another thread? or can i spam this one :laughing: