Basic deployment question

I would like to ask a basic question for librenms deployment (specifically docker deployment).

My question concerns those containers


in total 4 services.

So I have gathered basic questions to understand the librenms better.

Question 1: How do these services communicate with each other?
Question 1.1: Does the name of the containers matter? Do they communication over the network?
Question 1.2: Is the communication the same as with msmtpd container?
Question 2: Why does librenms, dispatcher and snmptrapd have image: librenms as the docker image for those container container?
Question 2.1: Does it mean I can have one container as a combination of librenms, syslogng and snmptrapd?
Question 2.2: How (if possible) can I configure for multiple dispatchers?

Observation: All of these services share the same redis cache, mysql database and have persistent volume shared (let’s call those ‘RMV’ as in ‘reddis’,‘mysql’ and ‘volumes’)

Question 3: Does it scale horizontally if I add another librenms container with the shared RMV configurations? (for example 2 syslogng container distributing traefik with an external loadbalancer)
Question 4: What resources from RMV configuration work independently? If I have 4 RMV instances each connected to 4 services, would that work?

Question 0: In the documentation: GitHub - librenms/docker: LibreNMS Docker image
It says You have to create a configuration file to enable syslog in LibreNMS too. Create a file called for example /data/config/syslog.yaml with this content
Do I have to do it if I deployed it with the exact configuration as was here? docker/docker-compose.yml at master · librenms/docker · GitHub

Thank you.

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