Basic steps for docker


I want to try to run LibreNMS in Docker. I have a Debian Buster with Docker installed.

I don’t undertstand how to configure the MariaDB side.

Need I an other docker for mariadb?

Someone could help with basic docker steps?

Kind regards.

Perhaps you get some pointers here:

Also, make sure to add the APP key including the “base64:” in the beginning; that was preventing me from using it.


I read the guide and it works well with jarischaefer’s container.

The problem is that if I reboot the host, the containers doesn’t start automatically on boot, how could I configure this?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards.

The funny thing is, I just tried that guide and it didn’t work :laughing:

I can’t help you with the automatic restart on boot, sorry. I have it running in a Synology so I have a switch for it there in the GUI, that works.


I know to start in a host boot, just update the rstart policy:

docker update --restart=always mariadb
docker update --restart=always librenms

Kind regards.