BGP Peer Description on routing page - COMPLETE

Hi all,

It would be awesome to have the BGP Peer description on the routing info.

In my case, I have 2 routers with 4 IPv4 sessions and 4 IPv6 sessions each with same AS and if one goes down, i have to be looking to what peer ip address belongs the session down.

Is that possible?


What are you classing as the ‘description’?

Ok, bgp peer description doesnt exists in snmp so there is no way to retrieve it.
Maybe the possibility of setting up an Alias inside librenms?

I agree I also have a need for this. +1

@Donovan_Esterhuizen be tuned to this:

Now we have BGP Peer Descriptions!

Its funny how things evolves. I did open this in February with 0 knowledge about LibreNMS code and only 6 months later I developed it, and It only took me like…2 days? :wink:

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