BGP session shows in Librenms, but has been removed from router


I have a ASR9001 w 6.3.3 code.

I removed 2 BGP sessions from the router, after doing a rediscover, librenms still shows them as down and in “state”

With out having to delete the device and starting over. Ideas on how to make them go away?

in the Pic Session 1 and session 3 have been deleted from router.




Oddly enough I have the opposite issue with a Juniper SRX. I’ve added a BGP session but LibreNMS won’t discover it.


Hmmm that is really odd.

Can someone from the team replay?


@murrant Can I get you to chime in?



delete them from the database.



Thanks for the reply,

What would I delete from the database? The device or the BGP entries? if the BGP entries, do you have a procedure?




In MySQL, If I delete the peer from the table “bgpPeers” will that break anything?



No, it will just remove the peer.



Thank you . Much better now.