Bintec / Teldat routers

Hello All,

New to LibreNMS, I’m happy with all my devices which were properly detected via SNMP (including PFSense routers) except all the Bintec Routers (which are seen as generic).

I installed the Bintec MIBs in its own sub-directory (like all the other vendors MIBs) and also noticed that Teldat MIBs (which was the same company) are already existing.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to modify these unknown devices (OS or Vendor name) in order to use the proper MIBs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Adding a MIB by itself dose nothing. You have to have add OS support look at the

Thanks for your answer.

Finally, I found this OS ( called bintec-smart) located in LibreNMS existing ones and succeed with detection by adding the Object ID in the yaml files (in both Bintec and Teldat, because it is unclear which brand should be displayed since this was the same company).

I still have Snom phones undetected, despite it exists in yaml files but I think this is a normal behaviour due to a too basic SNMP in SNOM hardware.