Blank map issue

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This is a continuation of closed issue
The problem still exists, fount no solution.

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After adding 5th device in a group, the map (Device Groups Map) becomes blank. If delete the 5th device, the map still is blank, and nothing else helps.
The group looks like on the picture, all devices are present and polled. The validation passed, version is up-to-date.
Working variant

Adding another device

The map became blank.
but if I’ll be lucky, and point the mouse to the right place, i’ll get the hover with graph

The logs of nginx and librenms are fine, no errors. The only one message i have - is from browser console:

    TypeError: t is null
    <anonim>              self-hosted:985
    value                     self-hosted:985

So, what is it and how to repair?

UPD from F47991
I am seeing the same issue. In my installation it looks like its related to nodes that are down.
For a device group were all nodes are up the map is working. But with a device group where one of the nodes are down I only get some of the links shown and none of the devices (See image below).

The installation is running 1.52-81-g197947d4a, Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu).

Are there any errors in your librenms.log file when trying to view the map with the issue?

No, no mentions.

I have exactly the same issue! Im on centos 7 with nginx. Already did a fresh install, no help. After i added a network with around 150 devices the map did not working, but the regular neighboor page (LLDP) shows corretly everything.

Try increasing php memory limit

memory_limit = 1G

Me too, already raise the memory limit and the post max size too to 1GB, no help. The network map is a blank page. Or some random lines showing.

Plus it didnt see actually do anything. The network map is loaded less than a second with a blank page. While it was working it takes 10-30seconds to graph everything and until that the page keep loading. This is not a memory limit issue, something is broke the whole process right at the beginning.


I’m simply trying to help and find a solution. This a community driven project and everyone helps.

This was working before the last update. I can draw a network map with ~300 devices without problem.

Are you on master releases or monthly releases?

More than welcome to look through the change log to see if anything sticks out to you.

I’m on master.

me too. The default is the master if you didnt comment out the update_channel option.

Same here on release channel after update to 1.53

We have the same problem.

Haven’t found any solution yet

git reset --hard 38a638358df8a73154c7f68cb2ec5379aa67294f
This is the commit ‘Bump version to 1.52’

Maps working again!

So the problem is something after this commit.

Okay i debugged out committing every commit one by one. This commit causing the issue:
f3ba8947f74eba94368b4af0c19f63b0e42767d2 Use Config helper (#10339)

Please check out devs.

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network-map.php line15 and line37. some issues there as i see, but others reported that on github.
i think this is the problem.

correction, not just that. restored the network-map.php before the commit and the issue is still there. the whole commit have some bug somewhere.