Bogus "STP designated root changed:" messages in Eventlog for Cisco switch

Hello LibreNMS community,

I am new to LibreNMS, and I am still discovering what it can do and how to properly use it. I am mainly monitoring Cisco switches, and I am grouping devices by geographical location. I’m using SNMPv3.

After adding a Cisco Cat9300 series switch stack to LibreNMS recently, I accidentally noticed that In the Event Log for the switch I keep seeing these “STP designated root changed: > 481ba4ff0080” log messages at the rate of about 5-6 events per hour (as shown on the snip below):

I have done extensive testing and validation on the Cisco switch itself to see if there are indeed any matching STP root bridge changes or anything like that, but there are no STP events on the switch.

Do you know how and why LibreNMS is generating these false STP event logs? What can I do to narrow down the cause of these?
I see similar messages for 2 or 3 other Cisco switches, but those only generate such event log once a month or less.

Thank you!

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