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Just an idea,

What do you think of using Bountysource (or alternatives) as an aid in development of feature requests? Or perhaps integrate into

I see a few other open source projects like Wekan using it, i think it looks pretty neat.


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That sounds great, but somebody would have to set this up and maintain it.

I love this idea. There’s over $30k in the Open Collective. Maybe bounties could be opened for the projects listed here and here. Maybe top contributors or top donors could vote on if to do this, and if so, issue priority.

I have only made small contributions to this project, but the organization I work for would donate to get some of the larger projects completed, like graphs from non-RRD datastores or telemetry support.


@willhseitz are there people willing to to complete the bounties?

I’d be very happy if someone took the lead on something like that and organized everything needed for something like that. I don’t have much time to work on LibreNMS community health projects (which are harder for me).

Another item I’ve been kicking around is starting a hosted version of LibreNMS and employ a full-time coder (such as myself). For me personally, it would not be in the near term because of obligations at my current full-time job.

Anyone willing to help LibreNMS in a significant way is more than welcome to contact me. :slight_smile:

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