Broken Links - base_url

I’m running librenms behind a nginx reverse proxy. So my librenms endpoint is https://myserver/librenms

No game stoppers just reporting a couple of places we the links are bad.

when navigating to /librenms/wireless/metric=rssi and clicking on any of the devices, the base_url is not in the URL so link will go to /device/45 instead of /librenms/device/45

when navigating to /librenms/wireless/metric=rssi non of the graphs are displayed

when clicking the wireless menu item, and selecting any of the links, the page is displayed (bar the errors above), however when clicking anything inside of “breadcrumb” area the base_url is added twice, so clicking any of those links take you to /librenms/librenms/wireless/metric=noise-floor/view=nographs/

Hope this makes sense?

This is what i mean by graphs not working…

Sub folder is not supported, Go with subdomain instead.
Patches welcome!

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