Bug in web link to devices in device list

This is something I’ve noticed for quite a while but as it’s so minor I haven’t bothered posting about it until now. In a device entry there is a link to log into the web interface in two places, one in the device list:

And one in the device page under the … icon:

For most of our devices the web icon link on the devices list does not work with an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, while the link in the device page does work.

Looking a bit closer it appears the link in the devices list is an https link and this fails as many devices we monitor only have http web interfaces, hence connection refused for https.

However the link in the devices own page seems to behave differently - even though hovering the mouse over the icon indicates the same link as the one on the device list page, it does actually connect to the http web interface of the device successfully.

I don’t know enough javascript to check but I’m assuming there is some javascript on the second link which tries https first, if the connection fails it tries again with http and therefore succeeds. Is this correct ?

If so is there any chance the link on the device list could be changed to behave the same way so they are consistent ? It seems strange that the same function on two different pages has different behaviour, and I don’t remember it always being this way so I wonder if something has changed in the last year ?

While I’m talking about the web link button something that is a bit frustrating is you can’t customise the port number or URL for the link - it is just assumed to be the IP address of the device at a standard port and with no URL suffix of any kind.

We have quite a few devices where the http or https web interface is on non-standard ports and/or nonstandard port and non standard URL path with the base path not providing a useful response.

It would be GREAT to have a web interface override field in device records where you could simply paste the full URL you want to be taken to when clicking on the web interface button. At the moment I’m writing the URL in the notes field to remind myself of what port/url a device needs to log into.

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Upvoting this. I too am frustrated with having to use the notes to give the correct URL for the device. too many devices or using non standard ports to not have this available. Not so sure this is a bug, rather it should be a feature request.

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