Bug: Missing "Community" option when adding Device SNMPv3

I was going to post this on GIT in “issues” (link) but then when I was it said not to post bugs or issues LOL.

I’m so cornfused.

When adding or editing a device to work with SNMPv3 I can’t add it because it’s missing or seems to be missing the “Community” string. All the auth, priv, encryption stuff is there but there’s no community string. I think this is why I can’t add the device. If I kick it down to v2 it works but there’s a community string in the v2 options. As I was testing out different SNMP servers this worked with v3 on Cacti but on LibreNMS I just can’t seem to use v3.

Anyone else having similar problems? I need to use v3 so it’s “secure” :slight_smile:


I could be wrong but SMMP v3 doesn’t use community strings. It uses user name and key auth.

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