Bulk changes


is there a way to bulk change a dependency of devices based on a csv file or a command instead of doing it one by one from the UI?
couldn’t find that under the API section.
I am planning to do it for ~1500 devices.
Having a system monitoring that amount of devices and willing to group them in smaller groups (5-20 devices each group) and update the dependencies between them.

thanks in advance.

The “Manage Device Dependencies” button at the top in the UI has bulk wipe and bulk add children per parent on the two different tabs. Still might be a bit much for 1500 even though it auto-completes - depends on your host naming standards and layout.

The API has the reverse documented (I agree it’s hard to find) which can set and clear parents per child: Devices - LibreNMS Docs

Thank U Rhinoau.
Working on it right now.
as for the groups, found the link for creating groups and I will look for the DB field to change I think.
Didn’t find an API for it :slight_smile:

You can create static or dynamic groups via the API too - good examples: DeviceGroups - LibreNMS Docs

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