Bulk devices edit for SNMP community name

i have like 600 device in my network they all added with public community name , i want to change all this devices in one touch to different community name , very long time if i will edit them one by one , is there any tip to make it one time , change all public name to another one

Hi @Magd_nuh
I would suggest to do it directly in the database. Open a mysql console and do the UPDATE command there.
There is no GUI way to do this so far.

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thanks can u guide me how to make it with Mysql , im not familiar with mysql commands

It really depends on how you can identify the 600 devices out of the total.

To read the 10 first Cisco IOS devices in the devices table :
SELECT * from devices where os = ‘ios’ LIMIT 10;

To change the community for all Cisco IOS devices :
UPDATE devices set community=‘MyNewCommunity’ where os = ‘ios’;

To change the community for all the devices with ‘public’ as current community:
UPDATE devices set community=‘test’ where community = ‘public’;

Be carefull, if you do it wrong you may destroy your DB :slight_smile: Before trying, I would suggest to do a snapshot of your Virtual Machine, just in case.

Feel free to show here what you plan to do if you want other pairs of eyes to check.

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