Calix E7 EXA | GPON Port Traffic

Hi All,

I am curious if anyone else is using Libre NMS to poll their Calix E7 equipment for light levels and PON port traffic.

We can see this information if we poll and OID using an snmpwalk through the Calix CMS, but not seemingly if we poll the E7 EXA nodes (GPON 8) directly.

The GPON ports, ONTs, ONT eth ports, and ethernet interfaces populate as interfaces on the device automatically in LibreNMS, but no traffic or light level details populate via SNMP.

I was curious if anyone has gone through this process to build a custom os or poller for the device?

Calix does not publish light levels via SNMP. Feel free to put in an RFE.
PON traffic works fine.
ONT traffic is nightmarish slow to poll.

The E7-Calix-MIB contains an entry for the OLT Tx & Rx values - e7OltPonPortTxPower (.[shelf].[card].[gpon]) & e7OltPonPortRxPower (.[shelf].[card].[gpon]). I’ve compared the output of the query to the CMS OLT GPON page and have found the reported numbers via SNMP are different from the values shown in the CMS (rx power is not available via the CMS interface).

I’ve opened a support case with Calix to see if there is a reason for the discrepancies.

The E7-Calix-MIB also has the following entry for ONT light levels:

e7OntRxOpticalLevel OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX Integer32
UNITS “0.002 dBm”
MAX-ACCESS read-only
STATUS current
DESCRIPTION "ONT Rx signal level (mW) "
::= { e7OntEntry 6 }

That is good information to have, but unfortunately, I’ve disabled polling the ONT’s as they take way too long to respond as @murrant mentioned above.

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