Calix E7 Profile

Is there anyway I can set the profile for all of my E7’s to only poll the following ports?
Gponport 1/1
Gponport 1/2
Gponport 1/3
Gponport 1/4
Gponport 1/5
Gponport 1/6
Gponport 1/7
Gponport 1/8
Gponport 2/1
Gponport 2/2
Gponport 2/3
Gponport 2/4
Gponport 2/5
Gponport 2/6
Gponport 2/7
Gponport 2/8
Ethport 1/x1
Ethport 1/x2
Ethport 1/x3
Ethport 1/x4
Ethport 2/x1
Ethport 2/x2
Ethport 2/x3
Ethport 2/x4

And not to poll any of the ports that contain “Ont” in interface name?

Or, to only poll ports with a an associated port group?

I would also like to be able to set what modules / applications should be on/off for devices in group Calix_E7. Any input or reference to help topic would be greatly appreciated.

I think I found the soloution…

I added the following to the bottom of my config.php file

Exclude monitoring of ONT’s on the E7’s

$config[‘bad_ifname_regexp’] = ‘/^Ont*/’;
$config[‘bad_ifname_regexp’] = ‘/^ont*/’;

This seems to have removed all ONT’s. My polling time has dropped significantly!
Is there a better way of achieving this?

You could do it on a ‘os’ basis if you devices have a specific OS as per Settings - LibreNMS Docs

Poller and discovery modules can also be enabled/disabled on a OS basis which might help you Configuration Docs - LibreNMS Docs

I tried but had no joy… Can you give me an example, the documentation was a little vague to me. Would these go into the config.php file also?

Yes in config.php

$config['bad_ifname_regexp'] = '/^ont*/';   

could be

$config['os']['iosxr']['bad_ifname_regexp'] = '/^[Oo]nt*/';

if you just wanted it to apply to the ‘iosxr’ operating system.

I’m not sure what ‘os’ your devices are …

Similar for modules

lnms config:set os.ios.poller_modules.entity-state true

in config.php this would be


obviously again this example is for the ‘ios’ OS not whatever your devices might be running…

This is how I have my polling on a E9
we have our ONTS set up funky some with numbers and some starting with ont with a mix of capital letters
I use this below

$config ['os']['axos']['bad_if_regexp'][] = '/^[0-9][0-9][0-9]*/';
$config ['os']['axos']['bad_if_regexp'][] = '/^[Oo][Nn][Tt]*/';

I also added

$config ['os']['axos']['polling']['selected_ports'] = true;

this sped up the polling

if you have some ONTs you need data for you can add the interface in good_if block after the bad_ifname

$config  ['os']['axos']['good_if'][] = '15679';
$config  ['os']['axos']['good_if'][] = '16079';
$config  ['os']['axos']['good_if'][] = '16194';
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I will just throw this in as well. If you are running e7 exa, you will need to change ‘axos’ to ‘exa’

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Is there a way to automatically set all ports named “Gponport 1/1” to port group “E7-GPON” on all E7’s?

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