Call to undefined function clean()

I have inherited this installation.

In GUI, any changes related to users, passwords etc results in

Browser and OS of client does not make a difference

Debugging turned on shows
Call to undefined function clean() (View: /opt/librenms/resources/views/layouts/flasher-notification.blade.php)
in /opt/librenms/resources/views/layouts/flasher-notification.blade.php (line 32)
{{ $title }}


{!! clean(stripslashes($envelope->getMessage()), 'notifications') !!} <--------------------------

validate.php output

LibreNMS | 22.11.0 (2022-11-24T06:01:26+00:00)
DB Schema | 2022_08_15_084507_add_rrd_type_to_wireless_sensors_table (248)
PHP | 8.2.5
Python | 3.6.9
Database | MariaDB 10.3.32-MariaDB-log
RRDTool | 1.8.0
SNMP | 5.7.3

[OK] Composer Version: 2.6.2

Please post complete results of ./validate.php

You also appear to be using an old version of LibreNMS. Try backing up your installation and updating to the latest version of LibreNMS and post your results of validate.php

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This is almost a one year old version of LibreNMS. I suggest you upgrade it first.

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