Can I add a server to check a specific port on the server for concurrent connections?

Currently, we want to register and utilize not only network devices, but also servers.

I want to check the concurrent connection information of the server’s port, for example, 80 or 443, and I want to see it in a graph.

I’m writing this because searching through the community hasn’t turned up anything.

I currently have the nagios plugins installed, but I’m not getting any further.

Is there any other plugin I should use?

Thank you. Best wishes for the new year.

You probably need to use the agent or plugin (install/configure) that gets the metrics you want.

For example the rrdcached one shows maximum connections for rrdcached (along with other things)

Same for the mysql one

Thank you for your response.
However, my knowledge is limited and I did not understand that link.
so I decided to look for another way.
Thanks again.

I’d say it can be achieved easily using snmpd and custom oids. You just run snmpd, extend it’s config with freshly created OID and feed it with a script as simple as (as an example for DNS service):

netstat -tupan | grep 53 | grep ESTABLISHED | wc -l

I hope you get the idea.