Can i do a network map?


pretty new to librenms and i wanna know if i can do a network map like the one in the image.
basically i need something visual that shows a down device.
also i would like to add diferent colors to the down devices like if the device cant wait to be recovered in one hour show red, if the device is down but can wait more than one hour to be recovered yellow, if the device is down but can wait 12 hiurs to be recovered blue…

thanks in advance!!!

nerwork map

Unfortunately we don’t have map to that you can draw in or doing anything like what you are asking, all we have is this. This uses XDP and shows what it can find on the network. See the doc for more

Hello @shiiinoo,
You can create custom maps with Network Weathermap plugin

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@zombah thanks zombah I forgot about weather map but that’s not going to do what he is asking for.

@Kevin_Krumm if you mean show device status? It is possible with Network Weathermap, i don’t know about hours recovery thing, but simple status change is easy, you create 3 png images f.e. green for up as Router_up.png, red for down as Router_down.png, etc and add this to node group config “ICON images/Router_{node:this:state}.png”, so when device status is down you see red picture for this node.

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Oh nice, I didn’t know you could change that. I will need try that out. thank you @zombah :slight_smile:

Any way you could post what that config would look like?

i made some new images for up and down


and used this for my ICON config
ICON images/node_{node:this:state}.png

but its still doesn’t work?

@Kevin_Krumm Yes i forgot to mention config part for node status changes with TARGET variable:

        LABELFONT 1
        ICON images/Router_{node:this:state}.png
        TARGET cactihost:{node:this:cacti_id}
        MAXVALUE 100

        LABEL device1
        POSITION 448 159
        SET cacti_id 139

this is cacti example, probably it need to be fixed to LibreNMS style TARGET’s.

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Any idea what the TAGERT would look like for librenms?

i think librenms uses device=id so like device 13

@Kevin_Krumm I don’t know right now, but Avaibility-map somehow show only device’s status, so it seems there is some per device url which reports only device status, we need to find it.

Looks like first we need support for LibreNMS device status in NetworkWeathermap datasource plugin, found info on this page
So in the end i was wrong, no status changes yet, but good target for feature requests.