Can I use Apps ? I couldn't find any information

Hello people! I use for years now a very old observium version (0.13.10.xxxx).
I use it internally so I don’t …worry much for security issues (localnet) but I would like to migrate
to LibreNMS and one thing only ties me. The apps.

I heavily use apps (with xinetd) that:
*Queries bind servers (dns) because I monitor a few dns servers.
*Exim mail queues, <- This one is my favorite, saved and auto-opening tab when I launch browser.
I see instantly if a server is sending mass amounts of mail / spam. The quickest way to identify it.
*Apache app (apache status graphs)and
*MySQL (MySQL read/write graphs).

But searching librenms site I couldn’t find any information on these apps. Or on apps generally.
It doesn’t support apps ?

Hi @chrismfz
LibreNMS support applications.
Please take a look at the documentation at:


Thank you for your answer and your time.

I assume the exim-mailqueue application will work - taking the script as is because
I didn’t find a similar app for mail queues in Applications directory.