Can not properly graph my mikrotik device port traffic

Hi guys , im trying to generate some traffic graphs , the idea is to get 95th percentile on them.
I created my mkt device and set snmp parameters but interface traffics graphs are not ok.
Currently im coursing 700mbps but librenms generated graphs appears chopped and doesnot go over 113mbps.
btw ;
Ubiquiti devices graphs are ok.

Any one with same problem ? any advice ?
BTW: Using cacti and observium, I have the same problem.
Only The dude can get graphics properly created.

Thats probably mikrotik reporting 32bit counter interface instead 64bit, which causes those gaps as the counter rollover in less than 5 min

I think so … but can not find how to change this on routerOS.
I is possible to read 32 bit counter with opennms ?
Thanks for your help.

What version of RouterOS are you using? and have you set up SNMP using v1 2 or 3?

v1 only supports 32-bit counters so change to v2 or v3 will generally fix this.

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YES … using V3 works as expected,