Can we all just take a step back, and say thank you to Neil?

Thank you Neil for always answering on what seems like alllll the forums that has anything to do with networking.

I have made arrangements for you to never be out of beer while you’re at dknog.



Really appreciate the message, means a lot.

I’d definitely like to include at least @murrant and @Kevin_Krumm in this as they both do an outstanding job for LibreNMS.

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Team LibreNMS and the Community make this project what is today. :slight_smile:


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I appreciate Neil a lot! He does a lot to keep this community healthy :slight_smile:

I’ll make sure to give Neil some gifts to bring back over to you guys. (i assume you guys meet up in the flesh once in a while)

OR you could all just attend DKNOG… :slight_smile:

We’ve never met :frowning:

The old school crew got together a couple of years ago for a hack kind of day but only rosiak is around still. Would love to meet up with everyone at some stage but our budget falls short of allowing that :slight_smile:

On another note, loosely last year someone mentioned about sponsoring a meetup. We’ll be 5 years old this year so we should consider putting something together.

i see a DKNOG9 meetup in the future for you guys… :slight_smile: