Cannot add IBM FlashSystem

I can’t add IBM storage flashsystem 5200 to librenms.

There is a downloadable MIB library in IBM flashsystem management.
Can anyone please advise?

Hi @dave_ik
From my experience working with IBM appliances, the issue here relies on the appliance itself not being pingable or the snmp queries are not allowed from your librenms server to the appliance.

How i would handle this, would be to First do the relevant snmp/ping checks.

  • Navigate to your librenms and try to ping the IBM FlashSystem.
  • Perform the below command on your librenms appliance to ensure that librenms can query the device.

snmpwalk -v2c -c public

Next, since i can see that these are in-between different subnets, if the proper access has been give from (i guess) to on port 161 (snmp).

Last, if all the above are completed, then i would open a ticket to IBM explaining my case thoroughly. IBM is known to have a good ticketing system, and even if you mention librenms, they will set up a lab and try to point the issue there.

Hope i helped :slight_smile:

Another device goes ping. I’ll try to create a ticket on IBM


You’re welcome.
Make sure to Tap the solution button so more people that face the issue will know the necessary steps :smiley:

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